Need a Dress for the White Party?

This post is beyond overdue! Of course, you all know by now that I am the Promotional Model Manager for the CliqueVodka Girls, and I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of myself and some of the other girls here or on Facebook in our Official Clique Dresses. What you might not know, is that our dresses are from Chelsea’s of New York. Chelsea’s is THE place online to go if you have a hot party coming up and need a dress (or shoes or accessories or you get the idea). Of course, if you just read my post on how much I love the color pink and shiny things, you will know that I would only recommend a website that contains many of those types of things! In addition, Chelsea’s also as an entire section of all white dresses  (CLICK HERE! ) for the season, because don’t forget, that with Memorial Day coming up, it is time for the Annual Faded Industry White Party and you will need a dress for it ASAP!  (but act fast, every time I want to buy something and wait, it sells out!).

Now if you already know about Chelsea’s, you might know that it is owned by one of my favorite people and excellent businesswoman: Michele Garris. Michele puts on an annual fashion show fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Her show is called Costumes for a Cause and showcases beautiful and sexy Halloween costumes to raise money for this organization. This the my absolute favorite fashion event of the year in Pittsburgh; and the best part is that it is for a cause that couldn’t hit closer to home! Without getting all sappy, I just want to say that this is a cause for everyone to support because we all have hearts and should protect them and those of our loved ones.  Check out the video below to see Michele talk about the AHA (and clips of the 2011 Costumes for a Cause show at Whim) and pledge to buy a ticket to the 2012 show in October. I promise it will get your heart racing in a good way!

Oh, did you see me in that video? Yes, my dream came true to model in the show that I was so amazed by the first time I saw it at Diesel in 2010!  Follow @ChelseasofNYGal and @CostumesCause for all the latest on this year’s show!




  1. Nickola said:

    Do u sell the costume (queen of hearts?) I would like to buy this item could you please get back to me and I’ve fallen in love with it, thank you ☺️

  2. stevie watson said:

    I can’t find this queen of hearts costume no where … where can I but it from.i need it for my mate 21st birthday

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