New Artwork Release from @FrankieFaded

Just got done with a piece I have been working on over the past couple of months.  With Clique Vodka and Faded Industry growing at such a fast pace, I rarely get time to put the brush to the canvas these days.  This piece obviously brings together a couple different elements of what I have going on right now.  The octopus is a recurring staple in my work for numerous reasons, and I figured why not pay some homage to the product.

This is a 49″x36″ piece titled “Drinkers Guild” on a reused canvas.  What I like to call makeover pieces on top of old art.  I used acrylic paints, aerosol paints, markers, and some other mixed media.  This piece is for sale online HERE.

You can find more of my work HERE and if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning me for work, tweet me at @FrankieFaded.  Enjoy.


Additionally if you are an artist or have a product/brand that you would like to make available for sale from the Faded Industry Online Store, email me at Frank@FadedIndustry.com.


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