New Trailer for Those Who Kill, Filmed in Pittsburgh

Everyone in Pittsburgh is a junkie for seeing bridges from their city on film. Adding to the collection of movies and TV shows set here, is the newest series from A&E: “Those Who Kill” starring Chloe Sevigny.


I had the privilege of being an extra twice for this new show, and was very pleasantly surprised to see the new trailer. Based on a Danish television series of the same name, that was actually based on a book, I  knew it was going to be about a murder investigation. I can’t talk about the scenes we shot until after it airs, but I can say that you will recognize a lot of Pittsburgh landmarks in the background, and hopefully my face too! I wasn’t there for this one, but apparently Chloe likes knee high socks in the series so there is one reason to watch:


Chloe plays a newly promoted homicide detective hunting down serial killers, while also searching for her missing brother. 


One of my favorite shows is Cold Case, and this seems like an amped up version of that: blonde lady detective with personal issues also solving crimes.  The crimes in Those Who Kill are on-going though, with the possibility out there to save lives, whereas on Cold Case the crimes were all  over and taken as a solve-whenever-because-nobody-cares situations. Brutal deaths  shown in Those Who Kill give intensity to the search for possible victims still out there, holding on to life. Just watch the trailer and see:

Those Who Kill looks super gruesome, intense, and intriguing: and I will be tuning in for more than just to see if my scenes make the cut. Worth a watch for the first episode at the very least! Will you be tuning in to A&E on March 3rd to see?



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