Pain and Gain: The True Story

Pain & Gain hits theaters this Friday, a movie I’ve had to wait way too long to see. Mark Whalberg and Dwayne Johnson star in this upcoming Michael Bay film as bodybuilders in south Florida who went on a crime rampage during the early 1990’s. The crazed bodybuilder’s reign of terror included kidnapping, extortion and even murder. The Pain & Gain movie based off of a true story, these real life events are turned into an action-comedy rated-R for bloody violence, language, drug use, crude sexual content and nudity.

Pain & Gain Red Band Trailer

Pain & Gain 2013 Movie Synopsis:

Based on a true story, Pain & Gain follows a group of bodybuilders who engaged in a campaign of kidnapping, extortion and murder in Florida. They were better known as the Sun Gym Gang. The real life story of these events were first told in an article from the Miami New Times.

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Mackie, Ed Harris, Rob Corddry, Tony Shalhoub, Rebel Wilson, Ken Jeong. Also look out for our friend Mindy Robinson in Pain & Gain!

The True Story Behind Pain and Gain

The Sun Gym Gang

Daniel Lugo was a fast talking New York native fresh off of a 15 month federal prison stay for fraud when he first showed up at the Sun Gym in 1992. His jail time served was due to the $71,200 he collected as loans from people who believed he was working with a Hong Kong bank. The bank never even existed and Lugo ran off with the cash.

It was while working at the Sun Gym that Daniel Lugo was able to convince Adrian Doorbal and a recruited gang of gym rats to pull off the heists. Adrian Noel Doorbal, played by Anthony Mackie, became Lugo’s Trinidadian right hand man. While Lugo was the brains of the operation, Doorbal was the sadistic cold-hearted brawn of the gang. His real-life actions during Schiller’s torture in the Haileah warehouse would make Mr. Blonde’s torture scene in Reservoir Dogs laughable.

Marc Schiller

First was the abduction of Marc Schiller who was a wealthy business man. Tony Shaloub’s character is Victor Krenshaw, the fictional portrayal of the real-life Marc Schiller. While Schiller may be lucky enough to be alive today, his time spent captive was no laughing matter. Schiller was kidnapped by the Sun Gym Gang he had to survive a month of sleep deprivation, Taser jolts, lighter burns, and even the coup de grâce: three days of waterboarding with sleeping pills and booze before being strapped into a blazing car. An attempted murder plot that Schiller somehow survived.

The Sun Gym Gang managed to steal Schiler’s $1.26 million offshore bank account as well as his $300,000 Old Cutler Road house and they even managed to change his life insurance to benefit the Sun Gym Gang. Schiller survived their month of torture in what he refers to in a book as Hotel Hell.

Frank Griga and Krisztina Furton

About 6 months after they finished their work on Schiller, the Sun Gym Gang moved onto their next heist grabbing phone-sex-line millionaire Frank Griga and his girlfriend Krisztina Furton during a meeting. This heist went horribly wrong and when Griga fought back. Doorbal responded by bashing in his head. Furton was lethally dosed with horse tranquilizers. Lugo bought chainsaws and hatchets and helped Doorbal dismember the couple, chopping off their hands and feet, peeling back their faces, and ripping their teeth from their skulls to make identification impossible. They were disposed of in the Everglades.

Lugo then fled to the Bahamas with his stripper mistress and his parents. On June 9th, his vacation was brought to an end when he was arrested and brought back to Miami.

Current Status of the Sun Gym Gang

Both Daniel Lugo and Adrian Doorbal are alive today but are of course locked away in jail. I can only wonder if they will ever have the chance to see this movie. They have both continually appealed their convictions trying to hold of the lethal injection. From Lugo’s most recent mugshot, you can tell that prison has not aged him well. Doorbal is now bald and spends a lot of time making new friends on websites like prisontalk.com and askaconvict.com. Need a new friend?

Lugo was convicted of racketeering, first-degree murder, kidnapping, extortion, arson, burglary, robbery, grand theft, and forgery on June 2, 1998. Daniel Lugo who is 49 years old is currently on death row for the murders of Griga and Furton.

Adrian Noel Doorbal is now 41 years old and is also on death row for the murders of Griga and Furton. When he was first arrested, his last comment to the detectives was “I’ll never see daylight again.”

I’ve been pumped to see this movie for months and after learning the background of the real-life true story, I can only get even more excited to see Pain & Gain!