Paul Spadafora Wins Again at Mountaineer

A lot of people were doubtful about Paul Spadafora going up against a world ranked olympian contender like Solomon Egberime, but, Spadafora came out as the victor once again. The last fight Spadafora had with a strong contender like Egberime was against former WBA champion Leonard Dorin in 2003. That fight resulted in a draw and Spadafora’s personal life seemed to take its downfall around that time as well.

From the start of the match you could tell it was a pretty evenly matched fight. Spadafora was always the aggressor coming out of the corner and after a couple rounds of feeling each other out, the real fighting began to happen. Towards the middle of the fight, both fighters landed some solid hits that slowing each other down. Spadafora at one point started bleeding around his right eye and it seemed like Egberime may have had a shot at winning the fight. Spadafora regained himself came out avoiding anymore heavy hits ultimately winning by a unanimous decision.

This was a huge win for Spadafora who is now currently ranked 11th by the WBA and 17th by the WBC. This means he may be only  one fight away from a title shot. Rumors are now circulating that he could be in line for a fight with Paulie Malignaggi, the current WBA welterweight champion from Brooklyn.

Spadafora now has his 2nd win in the ring after reuniting with trainer Tom Yankello and has been sober for the longest stretch as an adult. At the age of 37, Spadafora is looking great in the ring and his age is not showing to be a factor that is holding him back.

For now, stay tuned, and we will update you with the announcement of the next fight for Spadafora when details are released.



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