Peeps Drinks!

It’s almost Easter! And nothing helps celebrate a religious holiday better than candy and alcohol; so why not combine the two! If you saw our post on Easter Egg Jello Shots, you would know one festive way to sneak a drink during the family dinner but here is another! Heard of  infusions before? What about vodka infused with Peeps? That’s right, there is a whole section of the internet where Peeps Drinks are documented and some of these must be tried!

The first site I found lists recipes by ingredient- so of course I went straight to the vodka peeps drinks– so I can make them with my stockpile of Clique! However, there are so many recipes you can probably make a drink with any booze you have on hand: rum, whiskey, beer, champagne, wine, etc.!


The next site I visited is called “Infusions of Grandeur.“  The first post shows the easy steps to  make a vodka peep infusion. Their technique is to use a water filtration system to filter bottom shelf vodka to a better taste, then to add purple peeps.

Beware!!!!! All you have to do is look at these guys’ faces to know that their attempts were not delish! I can’t stop laughing though, the “Scienticians,” as they call themselves, definitely get the point across to not try this at home! Then, I found a video where another guy attempts to dissolve yellow peeps into Smirnoff because anything cheaper than that is “hobo vodka.” Well this attempt is also amusing and it only takes 4-5 peeps;  the results are pretty awful as well. Watch the process and taste test here:

Personally, I think you can pretty much put a peep on the rim of any drink and call it a day! I’ll probably make something from the Clique Mixbook and stick a peep in it (That’s What She Said!). Check out some more pictures below for inspiration:

Tweet me your Peep-tastic drink pictures and recipes! I can’t wait to try some!


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