People Are Weird… Have You Heard About Mermaid Classes?

Yes, you can be a mermaid. There are many strange workout routines, but this one might take the cake. Wait do mermaids eat cake? Either way there are mermaid classes designed to get in touch with your inner mermaid. This is no normal class with blackboards and desks unless they float. Not only will you be learning the lifestyle of a mermaid, but strengthening your core muscles at the same time.

Unfortunately, you won’t actually grow scales and your own fin. The tail is a fabric that goes up to the waist and has a monofin attached. Both legs within the fish tail move in accordance in order to propel you forward while using your core muscles in a graceful manner. You also won’t gain the ability to breath under water, but that does’t mean you can’t explore the ocean floor. Mermaid scuba diving and scuba scootering is also a possibility. Luckily, a two hour introductory course will only run about $40.


mermaid class 5

Mermaid 6

mermaid scuba2

Being a mermaid is not only for women, but for men too! Yes MER-MERMEN!


But sometimes not even classes will help you get in touch with your inner mermaid.

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The Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy began in 2012 and on it’s on its way to becoming the new workout craze. Check out a normal class below. You may not have to go all the way to the Philippines to be a mermaid, so look classes nearest you. What do you think about this new workout routine? is it time to buy your own mermaid fin?


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