People are Crazy! Angry Guy Throws Rock Lamborghini Aventador

With only a 30 second video, it is hard to tell who is at fault here. We know nothing about the context of the situation and only that the guy filming got way more on camera than he originally hoped for. From what you can see in the video, it looks as if an older man is upset with the guy driving the Lamborghini Aventador because I am assuming he was traveling up and down the road too fast. Old people get really pissed about that kind of driving. Only issue for that older gentleman is those cars range from about $397,500 and up!

If you are upset about something, take a deep breath and realize that throwing a rock at an expensive car is the equivalent to punching a wall and breaking your own hand. You look like an asshole and everyone begins to think you’re an even bigger asshole than you already are.

Remember, take a deep breath, yell at a stuffed animal, and amicably move on with your day.

By: Pat Hanavan


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  1. Jay said:

    If I were a Supreme Court Justice, I would call this a hate crime.

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