PGH For Peace Benefit Events

This Sunday, November 22nd, the Pittsburgh Music scene comes together to support the victims of the attacks in Paris and Beirut.

Please join us at:

James St Gastropub (Northside),
Howler’s (Bloomfield),
Spirit Lodge (Lawrenceville),
Hollywood Lanes (Dormont),
Mr. Roboto Project (Garfield)
Thunderbird Cafe (Lawrenceville)
Hambone’s (Lawrenceville)

on Sunday November 22nd as we come together as a community to stand in support of those affected by this great tragedy.

All proceeds will be donated to

Secours Populaire Fran├žais:


American Near East Refugee Aid: http://www.anera.org/about-us/

We are asking a minimum donation of $10.

There will be 50+ musical acts performing between at these venues between 1pm and 12am between the 6 aforementioned venues. Musicians listed below. Performance schedules will be announced this week.

This is a non-political event; this evening of music is strictly about showing support for the victims of these tragedies. Regardless of your political or religious beliefs, I think we can all agree that we support those who were victims of this terrible tragedy.

Music Lineup
Thunderbird Cafe

5:00 PM: Dhruva Krishna & The Family Band
6:00 PM: Eastend Mile
7:00 PM: Spacefish
8:00 PM: Memphis Hill
9:00 PM: Manic Soul
10:00 PM: The Clock Reads
11:00 PM: Supper Break String Brand
Roboto Project

5:30 PM: Blue Clutch
6:10 PM: LRad
6:50 PM: Clay McLeod
7:30 PM: Colin and the Crows
8:30 PM: Victory at the Crossroads
9:30 PM: Prom Fight

Spirit Lodge (hosted by Gene Stovall)

9:00 PM: John Trumaine Show
9:40 PM: Gene Stovall
10:20 PM: Ferdinand the Bull
11: 00 PM: Anjroy
11: 40 PM: Circles & Squares

Howler’s (hosted by Stoph Edison)

6:30 PM: Elkhound
7:10 PM: Sun Hound
7:40 PM: Native Alloys
8:10 PM: Clinton Clegg
9:00 PM: Solarburn
9:50 PM: Different Places in SPACE
10:40 PM: Chrome Moses

Hollywood Lanes

8:00 PM: D.O.B.
9:00 PM: Shad Ali, Shade Cobain, Jacquea Mae, & more
11:00PM: Spaceman Jiff
11:30 PM: Norman Dean
12:00 AM: Cory Eaux

James St. Gastropub – Speakeasy (downstairs)

1:00 PM: Aaron Lewinter
1:40 PM: Ben Alper
2:20 PM: Nick Martin
3:00 PM: Dave Bieliewicz
3:40 PM: Andrew Aluise
4:20 PM: Duke Destiny
5:00 PM: Samantha Sears
5:40 PM: JMarie
6:20 PM: Amir
7:00 PM: Jessica Lee Trio
8:00 PM: Rachel B
9:00 PM: Morgan Erina
10:00 PM: Billy Pilgrim
11:00 PM: HollyHood

James St. Gastropub – Ballroom (upstairs)

1:00 PM: Crossfire
1:40 PM: Nameless in August
2:20 PM: Transcontinental Booze Hounds
3:00 PM: The Dovewires
4:00 PM: Flock of Walri
5:00 PM: Billy Castle
6:00 PM: Chet Vincent (solo)
7:00 PM: Jeremy Caywood & The Way of Life
8:00 PM: Devin Moses & The Saved
9:00 PM: Working Breed
10:00 PM: Bad Custer
11:00 PM: Wreck Loose


7:20 PM: Chris Hayworth
8:00 PM: Ben Valasek
8:40 PM:Ben Cormier
9:20 PM: Don Strange
10:00 PM: Jaywalker
10:40 PM: For Dizzier Heights


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