Photographer: Adam Milliron

One of the best aspects of Pittsburgh is the talent contained within it. Over the years we have met so many talented artists within Pittsburgh so we are happy to introduce another artist to our list of friends. Meet Adam Milliron:

Isaac met Adam Milliron and got him involved with the Clique Vodka project and it has been a great alliance. Every week, Adam provides all of the imagery for the featured cocktails that come from Clique Vodka. If you have not seen these images, check out a few:


Clique Vodka recently sat down with Adam Milliron for an interview, check it out HERE! Below is a little background on the artist behind Clique Vodka‘s delicious cocktails.

In today’s market, one of the hardest tasks for a commercial photo studio is to set your work apart from anyone who owns a decent camera. Adam‘s studio’s challenge is to show others what they can do – through building brands and ideas, creating feelings and often a lifestyle through their images. Using lighting and composition as their canvas, they create images that not only move brands forward, but take concepts to the next level.

Adam Milliron‘s work has been in Elle Decor, Food & Wine Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Cookbooks, Catalogs, on Amazon.com, Food Gawker, T.V. Reality Shows, Billboards, Buses and over 30 magazine covers.

His newly renovated studio is located in the 10th ward of Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. Adam‘s staff is a group of people that he has hand selected for not only their amazing talents but their ability to seamlessly work towards a common goal. A goal of creating stunning images while having fun and loving what they do.

The studio offers full post-production services, in-house food and product styling and an extensive prop house. They specialize in post production, design, creative direction and image handling services.

Their studio was recently used as the backdrop for a photo shoot with Cosmo Magazine.



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