Pick’n Flicks: Project X review

Project X | Review

Synopsis: “Project X is an out-of-control comedy that follows a group of buds who set out to throw the most epic 17th birthday party ever. The film documents a high school party that gets completely out of control, shot from the perspective of the digital cameras that the kids have with them.”

Last night I finally made it to the theater to see Project X. Seeing as how we have been hosting parties for coming up on 6 years now, it seemed to be a fitting flick to check out. If you came to this post to see if I recommend this movie or not…. I DO recommend you go see it. Here is why.

Project X is filmed entirely Blair Witch Project/ Cloverfield style. What I liked about Project X as opposed to another film shot in the same style, Chronicle, was the characters did not have to justify the camera use at the beginning of each new scene. That gets real old quick, we get it.

I honestly had low expectations for the film only due to how the trailer came across. The trailer makes the movie look exciting and it gives you a general overview of what the movie is about but all you gain from the suggested plot is, a house party gets out of control. After seeing the movie, I was happy to see that there was a solid plot along with some unforeseen comedic touches that were also not displayed in the trailer. The movie was hilarious. If you do not laugh while watching it then you must be Buzz Killington.

There is only one scene that I hated, actually it’s only half of a scene that I hated. When the neighbor calls the cops and they show up, the dialogue exchange on the porch is priceless. What I could not realistically wrap my head around was the 400+ drunk teens partying and hiding in the backyard staying completely quiet. I can’t even keep 2 of my friends quiet in the background when I am on an important phone call so for me to believe that 400+ drunk strangers could pull it off, I just couldn’t get passed that.

Of course a realistic movie about a party is going to be imitated by the impressionable youth of today who, like complete and utter idiots, use social networks to spread the word about their upcoming illegal bash. This Florida teen spray painted a foreclosed house and did a video tour of the home showing where his Project X style party was going to happen. According to that news source, over 2000 people were turned away as the police were aware of the party prior to it happening. These idiots didn’t even throw a massive party drawing in people by the thousands, but, instead just broke into a new home and threw a party to destruct the place. Then returned to another house the next day where they were of course caught.

In closing, I recommend seeing Project X. Coming from someone who has made a living throwing parties for a half of a decade, it was cool to see a movie about a giant house party. In a way, it kind of reminded me of our Masque party. Project X was funny, fun to watch and also had boobs and lots of them. That’s always a plus.

That is my thoughts, go see it and let me know what you think. If you have already seen Project X, let me know your thoughts.