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The Grey | In theaters now

Last Night I saw The Grey starring Hollywood bad-ass Liam Neeson. For those of you who do not know what The Grey is about, watch the trailer or read the synopsis below. If you do not want the movie spoiled for you, do not continue reading after the synopsis. I will be giving my overall opinion, personal thoughts, and even some alternate story lines about the movie so I will hold nothing back. If this is a movie you plan on seeing, I again repeat, do not continue reading on but I will suggest seeing this movie.

Liam Neeson is an unlikely hero who is forced to lead a group of roughneck guys in their fight to survive and return home when their plane crashes into the remote Alaskan Wilderness. Battling injuries and merciless weather, the men must escape the icy elements while avoiding vicious pack of rouge wolves who are hunting them.

@PatHanavan‘s Thoughts: (Spoiler!)

Any movie that comes out now starring Liam Neeson I am automatically hoping for it to somehow mirror Taken. I had that same thought when watching his last movie, Unknown, making that experience a huge disappointment. When I saw the trailer for The Grey I thought to myself, sweet, Taken meets the The Edge. That was not exactly the case but his character in The Grey still lived up to be a real bad-ass.

I can only assume the writer of The Grey was a fan of Roadhouse, I base this opinion on the cheesy scene in the beginning of the movie when Liam Neeson walks into the bar. A fight ensues on cue as he walks in and is perfectly timed to finish up when he gets to the bar. To me, that is just bad writing. He then leaves the bar, goes outside, and puts the barrel of a gun in his mouth to end his life. At this point, due to a letter he is writing, you assume he is upset about his wife leaving him. Just as he is about to pull the trigger he is distracted by the howls of wolves off in the distance.

Liam Neeson‘s job is to shoot wolves who try to attack the workers at some Alaskan gas company. If I had to name this movie, I would have did a spin-off of Dances with Wolves and called this movie Eaten By Wolves. Their struggle to survive after the plane crash is not just the open wilderness but instead surviving from a pack of intelligent revengeful wolves. The wolves pretty much come through and are like, “This is our F’n house, get the F out or we will eat you.” Liam Neeson‘s job as a wolf killer gives him a very basic understanding of how wolves act in the wilderness and he educates the survivors on their predicament. One idiot early on in the movie takes a piss with no weapon of any kind to protect himself. He was on wolf watch, so why he thought there would be no wolves around is beyond me. In mid-piss, he gets eaten.

The group then travels out into the wilderness where one-by-one the group seems to get smaller and smaller. This is due to the fact that they are all getting eaten by the wolves. The pack of wolves follows and hunts them as Liam Neeson tries to lead the group out of their territory. When the wolves think the group is most vulnerable that is when they attack. This is when we learn about the alpha wolf, the leader of the pack. The alpha wolf is pretty much the Liam Neeson of the wolf pack making that wolf extra scary. I would not want to run into a wolf who was a wolf version of Liam Neeson. I’d beat the hell out of that Jacob wolf!

Liam Neeson, as the bad-ass of the group, ends up being the last survivor. Where the movie comes to an end is when he realizes he is standing right in the middle of the wolves den starring at the alpha wolf. The one place they were trying to avoid the entire movie. You then find out his wife did not “leave him” as previously implied but instead died while in the hospital. That was a cool twist. The movie ends just as they show you in the trailer which is something I hate! Liam Neeson wraps up his hands with electrical tape holding a knife and mini broken liquor bottles and prepares for battle with the alpha wolf. END! Live or die, we do not know.

Reading Between the Lines:
I can deal with a cliff hanger ending, but, in the scenario that Liam Neeson is defeated by the wolves immediately turns this movie into a long drawn out story about wolves and their savage revenge on a hunter. The movie could have easily been over in the first scene had he pulled the trigger but the wolves in the distance distracted him. This leads me to believe that the wolves somehow tampered with the plane conveniently crashing it in their hood. We never see the alpha wolf’s girlfriend, but we do see a wolf get killed by Liam Neeson in the beginning of the movie. Could that have been the alpha wolf’s girlfriend? If so, then I give this movie a third thumb up!

In conclusion, it was a good movie, I would suggest seeing it if you have not yet.

Let me know if you see it!


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