Psycho Telekinetic Priest Attack Scare is Almost Perfect!

Did you enjoy the Killer Clown prank scare video? Did you think the follow up Killer Clown video was better? Those can only be considered child’s play when put up against the Telekinetic Priest!

Q: How did you move objects?
A: Spectra® wires, kicks

Q: How did you lift a person?
A: 0,2 mm Mil-Spec 550lbs Paracord Type III linked to a silent electric lifter hidden inside the three 6 meters over the ground

Q: How did you make the dummy head explode?
A: Radio detonator + exploding charge, see the equip we used here: http://youtu.be/-JZUNralXlY

Q: Why no pranks on women?
A: They might be pregnant

Q:What language he speak?
A: He speak some forgotten language

By: Pat Hanavan


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