Raw Hogs Video from The White Party

If you attended Saturday’s White Party event then you definitely saw the Raw Hogs crew running around with their camera interviewing all of the attendees. They are the self-proclaimed Paparazzi of the Burgh taking a reality TV style approach to their online videos. For example, the video above, a much different approach than what Pittsburgh is used to. Inappropriate may be a good word for their interviewing style but being inappropriate is how we’ve run our business for close to a decade now.


It’s hard to miss hosts Dan Burda and Erin Mullen when they are at your event. At the White Party, they were equipped with nothing more than a camera, a microphone and an eccentric attitude making their presence known at the event. Dan and Erin are both hairdressers from Studio Raw who started making videos with their iPhones to entertain themselves when clients cancelled appointments. Realizing what it takes to make an impact in today’s digital world, they evolved this marketing efforts and started up the Raw Hogs videos.

Also check out the video from Lethal412’s coverage of the 7th Annual White Party!


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