Resident Evil Retribution

How can you not love Resident Evil? HOW? It is my all time favorite movie franchise EVER and I love watching the games being played (too jumpy to play those myself). I base my love on all things zombie related on RE and go see every movie in theaters when they come out. However, I know how bad movies usually get after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th ones (SAW 7  anyone?) so I wanted to review Resident Evil Retribution for you so you can have a fan’s opinion and not just Oscar Judging Movie Critic negativity. NO SPOILERS!


*Milla Jovovich in pleather. Maybe a little Pinhead-y but still HOT. Kate Beckinsale better watch her back.

*Frights. I jumped like 3 times in 5 minutes in the opening sequence (not the recap).  Hold on to your popcorn

*Open Ending. I had predicted that this movie was going to end with every single movie only being mental scenarios in Alice’s head, and that she was really in an Umbrella lab the whole time. That would have made me so irritated but luckily that was not the situation!


*Michelle Rodriguez. Just the same acting in every. single. movie. That’s the problem with characters you don’t like in zombie movies- they keep coming back

*Snake Mouth. Like, every single zombie now has the mutation where their mouth splits into 4 worm things. It’s my least favorite of all the  mutations in the franchise.

*Jill Valentine. Is this the same actress that played in the Resident Evil 2?? I couldn’t even tell at all, and had to look it up after the movie. Definitely should have kept her hair the same as in the previous movie for continuity. Remember, the movie does not follow the game’s premise so for the average viewer is not going to understand why her black bob has turned into long blonde hair in a world with no salons.

Overall, it was pretty kick ass- and of no less quality than the other movies in the franchise. Check out the preview below and TRY not to get excited:

Seriously, just go see it. Three words: ZOMBIES in 3D!


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