Return of The Walking Dead

Fans eagerly await the return of the Walking Dead series this Sunday February 10th with the premiere of “The Suicide King.” For a while, fans were left unsure about the final 8 episodes of season 3. Could this really be the series finale? AMC announced that the show would be renewed for a 4th season but there would be one major change. The show would go on but without Glen Mazzara, the series’ executive producer.

It was really about moving forward. As we were looking at bringing the story forward into season four it was clear that AMC and I were moving in different directions. We came to a mutual decision to part ways. It was a difficult decision because we’re all proud of the work we’ve done together. It was for the best direction of the show and I’m happy with work I’ve done and I’m excited to develop my own stuff. My vision for the show is on the screen.” -Mazzara

In the Sunday premiere of “The Suicide King” Rick tries to rescue a member of his group. Woodbury is in disarray after a recent attack. New guests raise concerns at the prison. Oh, expect special guest and former Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward to make an appearance on the show! Even as a dead guy, he is still all smiles!

The return of the Walking Dead is perfect timing. Zombies are literally taking over everything, Warm Bodies is now in theaters, the Valentine’s Day Zombie Contest is currently being hosted on our site, and next Friday is the Valentine’s Day Massacre Concert and Eat Your Heart Out after party. All very much zombie themed and all very much good times.



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