Robert Downey Jr. Sings With Sting Live & Absolutely Crushes It!

True story, my first CD album I ever bought, along side my 2 in 1 CD/Cassette tape player boombox, was Sting – “Fields of Gold”. I was maybe 8 or 9 years old at the time. In hindsight, that’s some solid music taste at such a young age. Also a true story, I have been infatuated with Marvel comics, DC as well, since before I could actually read them. I don’t know about you, but seeing the modern embodiment of Tony Stark/Iron Man walk on stage to wail “Driven to Tears” with a Rock Icon I’ve been a fan of since before I mastered simple mathematics, gets me amped up in a massive way.

After you watch this video, two things should and will happen:

1.  It will solidify a claimed statement into fact.
2.  It will raise a question that might be the most valid point of curiosity a person can have at this point in existence.

I will give you the chance to watch and  come up with both of those items on your own. Turn your speakers up to 11 and get ready to rock.

Upon viewing, from the first frame he’s shown on stage, to the first note uttered into the mic, then perpetually compounding on itself for the rest of the video in its entirety, it should be abundantly clear that this is 100% an indisputable fact:

FACT: Robert Downey Jr is the coolest man on the planet.

It starts from the very first second of the video. After he’s announced, he doesn’t wave to the crowd like an overly excited, school-kid, fanboy. He doesn’t try to become more of a spectacle by doing some cheesy, comedic jump, body spazz or make a goofy face. He strolls onto the stage, reaches out to Sting, shakes his hand, bends down in homage to the Rock Icon and lands a kiss on his hand in respect, turns to the band and addresses their rock prowess with a little power jump then proceeds to bow and applaud to them, jams a little air guitar with them, finally turns to the mic, puts his hands in his pockets and begins to start grooving big time. If that’s not the coolest, silkiest of smooth a man can be, then it just doesn’t exist.


Let’s put this into perspective too… we’re only 25 seconds into the video and viewers are absolutely peaked in their curiosity to see and hear RDJ start singing. Rightfully so. Those 25 seconds felt like 5 minutes. It gets all sorts of real when we see this camera view. Robert Downey Jr zoned in at the mic with Sting riffing in the background. It’s about to go down.

downey-sting-1Then boom… it happens. Downey Jr lands his first line of vocals on the crowd. Murders it from note-one. The cool. The talent. The delivery just blows everyone away. It’s as if we’ve seen it all at this point. The only question anyone should be addressing in the immediate present is:

What can’t Robert Downey Jr. do???

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing we haven’t seen him do is demonstrate athletic super-stardom. He’s clearly got the quick wit and chops to kill it in the action hero genre with his performances as Tony Stark and Iron Man. He can pull himself completely out of the box and be ridiculously hilarious in comedies like Tropic Thunder. He can tweak out and give us that drugged up, in way too deep, hardcore addict performance like he did in A Scanner Darkly. He’s been tackling the serious drama roles since early in his career, 10 years ago and beyond, with performances like he gave in U.S. Marshals. Now… we see him sing and absolutely own it along side Rock Super-Star, Sting and the entire performance is so good, it’s surreal.

downey-sting-2Amazing actor. Unbelievably and surprisingly talented singer. Solidified sole ownership of the title, coolest man on the planet. Robert Downey Jr… what can’t you do!?!?

I could fanboy out about this for days. Hit me up in the comments with your thoughts on everything.

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By: Eli Rebich