RSK drops The Eye Of The Wolf

This week MalLabel Music is stoked to bring you some serious talent from local artist RSK. We’ve got some heavy hitting hood beats for you from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s finest in bass, RSK.

Listen to the full album by clicking HERE.


RSK has been a staple of bass music through it’s development for some time now with endless streams of originals, remixes, free releases and winning remix competitions alike. Popping up on various labels as they take the stage to the big leagues since 2009, he’s been there through the thick of it and continues to help build the community. Evolving his sound through the stages of Bass Music’s development, he has never been afraid to push the boundaries, keeping us on our toes with each release and a whole new world of skull crushing beats.

With no sign of slowing down, he’s back his latest full length album The Eye of the Wolf, packed with heavy hitters, hood-rich bass and just a touch of daft funk. The album entertains styles ranging from bouncy horn fueled Trip-Hop and intelligent, but upbeat Trap to phat, video gamey Dubstep bangers, back to a little bit more introspective 808 business with a dope Glitch-Hop tune and even an upbeat Funk Electro banger reminiscent of the great Daft Punk. All in all, this album has everything you need to rock it in the moonlight all night, so get it before this wolf gets you!




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