Russian Youth Hockey Fight is Insane!

The fight that recently broke out in a Russian Youth Hockey Tournament is unreal! Literally this fight trumps most NHL fights. In the beginning of the video it seems like a normal hockey game but as time goes on, a couple cheap shots get thrown back and forth and then it quickly turns into a full on brawl. From all angles the kids start fighting like the final scene from Green Street Hooligans.

From all angles kids start flying from every direction on the ice. One kid is taking on two kids alone and staying strong with the upper-hand before he gets completely blindsided! The refs aren’t even able to determine which fight should be broken up. Other kids are stuck on the ice just eating punches from the opposing team…. it’s hockey.

What you are watching above is in fact kids fighting on the ice. They are young and from what I’ve seen, between or around the 10-12 age group. It doesn’t seem as if too many have stepped forward to discuss the overall seriousness of the intense fight but I am sure it is coming. You just have to step back and realize that these kids are Russian and it’s a blessing that this fight involved protective equipment. As a result, the video is fun to watch and it’s simply just a part of the sport of hockey.

Anyone who says that fighting should be banned from hockey is possibly the worst kind of human imaginable. We all know someone like this type of person so I will not go into detail about that. If you happen to hear someone mention hockey fights in a negative way, pull their shirt over their head and upper-cut them as hard as you can. (If you want to….)



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