Scarf 101 Boys and Girls


Everyday I see people out and about in great outfits accessorized by scarves. Not only is the weather already a freak of a mess, but it adds a lot to a plain outfit. Like you would use a necklace or tie, you can easily add a bright or textured scarf. How do you get your own look to go from “Bum” to put together? Learn how to wear it.

I am sure almost every store has added scarves to their inventory by now, especially with this style catching on pretty much 2 years ago. Get with it, add them to your wardrobe. If you like to shop online, Zappos.com has a nice selection that can be worn by guys and/or girls. You will look smarter, cultured, and be warm too. So, how do you wear them? There are circle scarves, long scarves, skinny scarves, beaded scarves…any style scarf can be changed up by the way you twist them. Below is, what I believe to be, the best and simplest video tutorial to show you 25 different ways for you to wear a scarf.