Scene from New Season of Breaking Bad

Dean Norris, better known to Breaking Bad fans as Hank Schrader, recently started using his Twitter account and it has been F’n hilarious. What he released that caught the attention of many was the pictures from the new and final season of Breaking Bad. Obviously not real…. sorry to trick you.

If you have not watched the final season of Breaking Bad, you will not get this reference. And if you have not watched this last season, I ask, why? Why and how are you not caught up!? Get with it! For those of you have not watched it, I am going to spoil it for you - The season ends with Hank taking a shit…..

Dean Norris tweeted out a pic of himself in the new season of Breaking Bad with the first episode titled, The Decision.

Then he follows that tweet up with a scene from the 2nd episode:

Outside of that, his tweets are F’n hilarious. Check some of them out!


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