See how President Obama Reacts When Offered Hit of Weed

Let’s take a mental trip back to 2013 and imagine that you were in the same place as the President of the United States with secret service and body guards surrounding you. Any time the President is in your city, local law enforcement is doubling up and working overtime as a necessary precaution. In this scenario, smoking weed or even the best 180 Smoke vapes in this public area is not something you would have imagined doing. Or maybe you did imagine it, but, you never actually thought it would be possible…

We are absolutely living in interesting times when you can offer the President of the United States a hit of marijuana and get away with it. That is exactly what Matt Anton did during one of Obama’s visits in Colorado. Of course, he posted it online for the world to see.

Since the legalization we’ve seen some interesting developments in Colorado. One of those developments were the hilarious Marijuana DUI commercials but more importantly is what has happened to Colorado’s crime rate post legalization. There has never been a better time to be alive, that’s for sure. I was always told never to talk politics or religion. I am not saying I like him or dislike him but if I had a chance to smoke with Obama… F yea I would.


By: Pat Hanavan


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