Sesame Street. Star Wars. Ravenous Cookie Addiction. I Bring You: STAR S’MORES!!!

As a newly made, first-time uncle, I have taken on a new mindset in life regarding things that generally exist around my niece. My niece is a special little person to me. She was born on Star Wars Day and I’m fairly sure she held out to be a week late because I said to her it would be really cool of her if she did. I’m very protective of what lessons she’s learning and how they’re being delivered to her. I actually have nothing against mass cookie consumption but teaching moderation isn’t a bad thing, I suppose. Teaching it in the form of a Star Wars parody? Sesame Street… YOU WIN!!! You’re on the official “Totally OK To Watch” list. Really… anything Star Wars-related in the form of young human appropriate material makes the list. It’s not really all that hard to make my list… I just really want my Baby Jedi Niece to love Star Wars.

Sesame Street: Star S’Mores (Star Wars Parody)

Kudos to Sesame Street on this one. I’m somewhat shocked it took them this long to have a solid Star Wars parody show up, but then again, it wasn’t always the view of the Street that cookies should be eaten in moderation. A tip of the cap to the writers for creatively molding the character names into solid play-on-words, the actual settings and play-on-props, and the little witty references to the actual story. Not an easy feat to tackle in 5 minutes.

Seriously though… the names are awesome. Flan Solo, Luke Piewalker, Princess Parfaita, Only-One Cannoli teaching them to “Use the Fours”, and probably the best one of the entire bit, Chewie the Cookie.


Groda stating there is no try.


Then there’s Darth Baker who “finds your lack of control disturbing” then goes on to reveal to Luke that he is in fact, Luke’s father. Flan Solo/Cookie Monster stating the obvious “interesting twist” was a pretty funny aside to include. And definitely extra points for making the Stormtroopers into marshmallows.


A+ all around here Sesame Street. I can’t say I feel any less likely to binge on cookies, but Star Wars is something all children should grow up loving and continue to love til the day they die.

There’s so much to love in this video. Hit up the comments with your favorite parts and/or references and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich


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