Silent Hill Revelation 3D

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D came out this past weekend, should you see it? Well I did and if you were considering it, here is my take on it!

First, if you didn’t know, Silent Hill is a video game series launched 13 years ago. I watched the first one be played on Playstation and it scared the crap out of me.  To this day I can’t play any of them even in a room full of people even with the sound and lights on.  I force other people to play while I be a backseat gamer! Well back to the movie, SH Revelations is a sequel to the 2006 movie adaptation of the first game, so it has a few of the same characters which is always a plus in a sequel.  If you like the games or the movies, I recommend seeing this movie as well because it is an EYEgasm to see some of your favorite villains on the big screen (ahem Pyramid Head ahem!) and in 3D nonetheless. 


*Scariest Pop Tart EVER (can’t say more without spoilers!)

*Patrick Tatopoulos did the Creature Design for the Movie. He is my favorite! He is well known for his work on Total Recall and being a judge on Syfy‘s Face Off, and is so talented!

*The Nurses scene is epic and the actors/actresses did an amazing job! Doesn’t even look computerized in my opinion

*That actor from Game of Thrones is in it: Kit Harington. So if he floats your boat go see him be  both beardless and shirtless!

*Stay for the beginning credits! There is an amazing stop-motion rendering of a villain-on-villian fight that isn’t in the movie. It’s in black and white 3D , which is of course the best kind.


*The Dialogue. As my dear friend Taia would say, “It was super cheese-balls.” Seriously so cheesy.

*Little Gore; most of the gruesome parts were not bloody/wet which was weird to me.

*A lot of the creature faces reminded me of the Cenobites from Hellraiser. Not copied per se,  but wish they had been even less similar.

*Nuances of Silent Hill. If you don’t know about the games at all you will probably not understand the weirdness that is Silent Hill which could make the movie confusing.

 Watch the trailer here:


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