Simple Guide for WSOBP Tournaments

For any World Series of Beer Pong Satellite Tournament we host, we play the games abiding to the official rules used within the WSOBP Tournament. These rules may be a bit different than the college/ house party rules you may be used to. These rules are set in place to keep the game fair as well as get rid of all the various bullshit rules that can lead to arguments. With these rules in place, the games can move smoothly meaning we can give more trips to Las Vegas away. Interested in the next Satellite Tournament? Check out the 1st WSOBP Satty Tournament at Faded Fest.


Below is a simple overview of rules you may or may not be used to. Hopefully this will serve as a guide to help you get a better understanding of how the games will be played. Want a chance to compete at the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas? Getting familiar with some of the basic rules is the first step in making that happen.

The Cup Setup and Rack

Ten cups are formed in a triangle/pyramid-like formation on each side of a table. Each cup is filled with water as opposed to beer due to state regulations and laws. The style of cups used are official Bpong.com tournament cups that fit into the rack. The Rack is specifically designed to cater to all of the automatic re-racks during game play.


Leaning and Elbow Rule

Since implementing an elbow rule during normal game play would be pretty damn impossible and subject to many debates/arguments, leaning is allowed. A player may not place any body part on the table in order to gain additional reach and/or leverage. The player cannot move their own cups to gain additional reach.



There is an automatic re-rack when the cup count reaches 6, 3 and 1. The Rack provided makes this re-rack easy to accomplish.


Two Cups One Turn

If both players on a team sink their shot on the same turn, that team will get another shot. Both players do not get another shot, only one ball is returned. This is a great rule as it keeps the game fair so that someone on a hot streak cannot just turn up a 6 cup lead out of no where.


Bouncing/ Swatting/ Fingering/ Blowing

Bouncing is allowed but only counts as one cup if a cup is made. Swatting is only permitted if the ball bounces off a cup. Opposing team cannot swat at a ball bounced on the table unless that ball bounces and then again bounces off a cup. Fingering and blowing of balls is never allowed during game play, do that behind closed doors.



After a team makes their last cup, the opposing team gets a shot at redemption. That opposing team must shoot until they miss. (If there are 4 cups left, all 4 cups must be made.) If the opposing team makes all remaining cups, both teams go back to a 3 cup formation and continue game play. If the opposing team misses a shot, the game is over.


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