Six Vodkas You’ve Probably Never Tried

Hard to believe it’s only been a little over 3 months since the relaunch of Clique Vodka. So much has changed from the old product to the new as well as the insane exposure of bringing on 10+ new states. Things have been busy for everyone involved with the new Vodka. That is why it is always great to see these kinds of articles pop up from masters and experts within the spirits industry!

In a recent article from DrinkSpirits.com, Clique was featured as one of the Six Vodkas You’ve Probably Never Tried. With only three months since the launch of the new black bottles, it’s great to see the exposure coming from all over!

From DrinkSpirits.com: Walking down the vodka aisle at the local liquor store, the sheer number of different vodka offerings is simply staggering. It’s hard to believe that the vodka market, as booming as it is, can support so many different brands and so many different kinds of vodka. It’s even more perplexing to see a continuous stream of new vodka releases, each hoping that they can make their mark in this extraordinarily saturated space. The hard truth is that many of the new vodkas introduced into the market won’t find a huge following. But for some, even a modest piece of the vodka pie is more significant than a large piece of a smaller spirit segment’s pie. The upside for the consumer is choice. There’s never been a better time to be drinking vodka than right now. We decided to take a look at six new vodkas which all deliver something different, and ones that, odds are, you probably haven’t tried.

Notable Quotes from the Article:

“Clique is one of the more striking bottles of vodka we tried”

“The nose on the Clique is light with a nice wheat grain note along with subtle citrus and a slight spice.”

“The entry for Clique is soft and lightly sweet with the wheat grain note from the nose. Clique has an enjoyably soft mouthfeel that is well balanced by a peppery spice that emerges in the midpalate.”

Haven’t tried Clique Vodka yet? Try it and let me know what you think!


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