Skyfall Review

Did you see Skyfall last weekend? I did because I like Bond movies in general (ask me about my old-guy crush on Sean Connery) but I was super unexcited about doing so because I thought the preview was boring. Explosion, gunshots, running around, same old, same old.  BUT GUESS WHAT? It was actually AWESOME!!!! No spoilers here in this Skyfall review, so don’t worry, but you need to see this movie because:

*Javier Bardem is an impressive villain. I was almost in tears at his back-story. Like, he could have given Heath Ledger a run for his money had Javier auditioned to be the Joker.

*Hot ladies! There are two sexy bond girls in this movie! Just look at the GQ shoot of Bérénice Marlohe here!

*The new Q is adorable. This guy’s tousled hair stole the scene from gramps Daniel Craig. Seriously, creep him now: Ben Whishaw.

*All those explosions and gunshots and chase scenes aren’t excessive or redundant; they keep your heart racing through out the movie (and it’s a pretty long movie!) Check out the preview below:

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