Something You Didn’t Know: Bears Love Pumpkins!

I came across something awesome while I looked up cool carving ideas for pumpkins yesterday: BEARS LOVE PUMPKINS! This I did not know, did you??


It seems Black, Grizzly, and Polar Bears all devour orange pumpkins just like they would do to your tasty brain morsels. Don’t be afraid though, it’s pretty adorable. Pics for you to enjoy:


This dude is gnawing away. Pete, a black bear. enjoys a fall pumpkin on exhibit at The Oregon Zoo.

Pretty sure this polar bear is feeling protective of his pumpkin snack. I won’t try to take it from him!polar bear pumpkin

Testing how much pouncing will squash a pumpkin compared to a human head maybe?Julie-Larsen-Maher_1080_Grizzly-Bears-and-Brown-Bears-with-Pumpkin-Enrichment_BB_BZ_09-15-11

Bite size or stuck? I’m not sure.Halloween Polar Bear

Seems we have a picky eater, or perhaps he has gorged himself to the extreme. Probably the latter, like how I am on Thanksgiving. I don’t want to eat more but this is MY pie crust, don’t touch!digging at it

Another pouncer. This gives me an idea! I think we need to do a Faded Industry rubberband test on a pumpkin just like we did on a watermelon!PumpkinPolarBear4


This bear is a gnawer. Probably can get all the meat off of a hiker’s bones.bear_pumpkin_munch

Here we have a spoiled polar bear, probably looking around like, “Where is the peanut butter filling?”happy_polar_bear_pumpkin

Distrustful of apples? We can be friends, bear.apple

Me, eating the last bits of yogurt out of the cup right here.polar_bear_sprinter

And my absolute favorite, this bear with his little foots in the area is too cute. I want to scratch his ears and give him kisses!Julie Larsen Maher 1539 Grizzly Bear Pumpkin Enrichment

I have added “Feed a pumpkin to a bear” to my Bucket List. Have you? Tweet me!