Spawn: The Reboot Todd McFarlane Can’t Ignore And The Video Evidence To Prove It.

Spawn. Spawn was made in 1997. Sit back and just absorb that for a second. A movie so heavily reliant on CGI was released almost 20 years ago. Todd McFarlane’s dark, intricate, detailed, action-packed, complex world combing Earth and it’s very real connection to hell and the evils within both, was made almost a full 2 decades ago. For the time, for what was available technologically… Spawn was a damn good movie. It just jumped the gun. They struck while the iron was hot, the franchise was spiking in popularity, and made a movie happen. Then they followed it up with an HBO mini-series running til 1999ish. Well the fact is, on an independent level and with very little bankroll needed, the CGI in the original film can be out done on someone’s home computer with After Effects loaded onto it. Fan films are able to compete with quality that was once worth $40,000,000.

Spawn was good then. Premature in hindsight. Spawn could be GREAT now.


In 1997, the scenes that took place in hell were supposed to be the CGI scenes that would blow the audience away. The Violator battle scenes were supposed to sit secondary to getting to see Malebolgia and the armies of hell, poised and ready to rise to Earth.

Cartoony floating land masses. Specks of stick-like Hell-Spawns rigidly staggering about. Malebolgia’s straw stranded hair and complete inability to use hit lower jaw. His face seemingly detached from his body from the severe drop in detail at the neck. The Nintendo 64 quality fire. This is what the audience was supposed to feel was Earth-shattering??? I don’t even remember being impressed by it back then.


It’s pathetic to think that low budget, made for TV movies like Sharknado, compete with this level of quality. The $40,000,000 figure was no joke. That’s how much it cost to make Spawn in 1997. Think of what they’re doing now? Think of the Marvel and DC franchises and what they’re doing now… well maybe not so much DC. They still have a lot of catching up to do with properties that don’t include Batman. The quality is alomst completely seamless from reality. In simple comparison using CGI flame effects, lighting, texture and atmosphere, look at what this fan film was able to produce.


But that’s the point. Spawn was meant for this era. Spawn has been given its chance for resurgence with the movie-going world clamoring for more comic book/superhero franchise to marvel at. If Guardians of the Galaxy has taught us anything, it’s that a much lesser known franchise has just as much of a chance to shock the world right now as the most well-known names within that same genre. Spawn isn’t really a lesser known entity in comparison.

So lets see it, Todd McFarlane. It’s time to get another screenplay going and reboot your soldier against hell and all Earthly evils. Give us your most mentally insane Clown and the most gigantic and ferocious Violator fans have ever seen. Give us the crimson cape, the fiery green glow in Spawn’s dead stare, the fire, the heat, the blood, Al Simmons’ charred skin, the hooks, the blades, the guns, the razor sharp spikes. Embrace the era of the reboot and give us the Spawn your fans deserve, and selfishly give yourself the best Spawn you can create. Give us your terrifyingly dark, pin-point-precision style of illustration and animation and bring it to life. It’s time to do it again, do it better and do it right.

Give. Us. Spawn.


So what are you guys thinking? Agree? Disagree? Did you dig the original Spawn movie and the HBO animated series? Would you want to see a Spawn reboot? Hit up the comments and lets make the internet win big again.

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By: Eli Rebich


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