Spring Breakers Art

One of the most anticipated and unexpected films of 2013 is without a doubt, Spring Breakers. The new movie premieres this weekend in NYC and LA and is released everywhere on March 22nd. If you have yet to see the trailer for this movie, check it out below.

As a part of their online promotion, Spring Breakers is giving various artists and designers a chance to create a movie poster that can be featured on their websites. If you search out #SpringBreakersArt on Tumblr, you will see a feed of all sorts of artists who have submitted their artwork. On the Spring Breakers Facebook page, they feature an album with all of the best submitted fan art. Think you have what it takes to make a Spring Breakers movie poster? Submit your own to #SpringBreakersArt on Tumblr! Who knows, if it’s good enough you will get featured on their page!

Like the fan art? Think you can do better? Let me know!


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