St. Patrick’s Day Party Bus 2013 Video

As always, Faded Industry took to the streets of Pittsburgh for an early morning bus trip to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. About a week and a half ago, we released the pictures from the bus showcasing all of the fun we had. It’s a good thing we had those pictures because that’s about all the proof we had of the day’s events….. until this video was produced. Everyone got onto the bus, started drinking, and we set out for absolute mayhem. The Bus took us from South Side, to Station Square, up to Mount Washington, to Market Square, and then a trip all throughout the city. It was a blast and we thank everyone who attended.

Our friends from Lethal 412 followed the days events to capture all of the fun and everything we forgot. Watch the video and let us know what you think….. if you missed out on the bus, get prepared for next year’s event!

Again, here are some pictures from the St. Patrick’s Day Party Bus 2013!



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