Threads of Destiny: New Star Wars Movie Before THE New Star Wars Movie

Star Wars is my thing. I was raised on it. It’s one of those elements in life that I truly believe there can never be too much of, and the more new Star Wars there is, the better. Apparently, I’m not a alone in this though frequency because actors, writers, producers and film crew members from around the globe, joined up in Sweden and put together an incredibly impressive, full length, Star Wars fan film. The only thing they really screwed up on, was not calling me. If you’re like me and have issues waiting for Episode VII to come in 2015, this fan film set to take place about 100 years after Return of the Jedi, should help tie you over a little bit… by about 110 minutes.

Here’s how I can best lay this out for you, expectations-wise. Any SyFy original movie that you may have seen, I assume at the very least you’ve seen Sharknado, this Star Wars fan film has it beat. It has great costuming, better acting, immensely impressive CGI and green screen backdrop design, better story writing, and in addition to all of that, they made a great effort to include Star Wars references paying homage to the original trilogy. This is legitimately, a very well done fan film.

Star Wars: Threads of Destiny

There are so many things that Threads of Destiny incorporates, as a Star Wars fan, you have to appreciate. A young Jedi in training. A governing body hungry to consume new planets under its rule. A quick-witted, crafty smuggler with a cool ship. Storm Troopers. An asteroid field space battle. A princess rescue mission with the ruling of worlds in the balance. They even put together some pretty fantastic movie posters that have the iconic Star Wars layout design… they could probably have toned it down on the Photoshop filters, though.






If you’re still reading along and haven’t checked out the film yet, definitely go check it out. Better yet… go home, pull up this link again, use your Chromecast/Apple TV/Roku/whatever else you use as your TV streaming box, and stream this on your huge HD flat screen at home. If you don’t have any of those, just hardwire a connection to your tv from your computer and take the video full screen. You know… treat yourself. Treat yourself to some good, new Star Wars before THE new Star Wars actually arrives.  Then hit up the comments below and tell me what you think. I have a feeling you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at how good this flick really is.


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By: Eli Rebich


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