Star Wars VII Leaked Set Footage At Frankfurt Airport AKA Imperial Starport

Since the announcement of the Star Wars acquisition by Disney, the internet has been in a massive rush to churn out convincing content and call it footage from Episode VII. It seemed like in just mere days after the announcement, YouTube had hundreds of videos claiming to be the first trailer for the new Star Wars movie. Hollywood is pretty amazing with the quality of work they can pump out, but they’re definitely not that good. Once the casting was announced and J.J. Abrams started getting the show on the road, the old “OFFICIAL STAR WARS EPISODE VII TRAILER” videos clearly slipped into the column labeled “Fake” due to the time stamp of their upload dates alone. But that doesn’t stop them from fooling people who are in too much of a rush to look at their origination date. With the filming actually underway and real set footage being leaked by TMZ and other independent spoilers, the hits continue to stack up for the fake-makers. And then there are some other things out there that blur the lines and are as convincing as it gets…

Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Filmset Footage!

So at this point, if you’re an intelligent enough human being, you should know this isn’t real. A guy did not shoot this random video footage with his cell phone, of a Star Wars set at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany. Leave it to the Germans. Tie Fighters and Shuttle Tydirium-like imperial transports do not fly on their own. That technology isn’t out there QUITE yet. Also, there are no imperial AT-AT’s or AT-ST’s walking around, fully functional either. The Death Star was not actually built; the white house responded to our petition and shut it down. There is no way a full-sized Star Destroyer was being housed and just hanging out on set in the background. They didn’t rebuild the energy shield satellite from the Forest Moon of Endor. And probably the easiest thing to rule this out of being real video footage, I’m almost 100% positive there is no shooting scheduled for the new Star Wars movie in Germany. BUT… you have to hand it to the guy. The video looks great and he did a bang up job making everything look real. Post-production is something he is very skilled at.

star-wars-airport-1 star-wars-airport-2

It’s not really a big deal that a guy pumped out a fake video, called it real, and got over 1 million hits in a matter of days. It’s a good video. Having a decent background in video myslef, this guy put a lot of work into it. Then he was able to make it go viral. This is 100% a solid addition to the guy’s resume and will probably get him a job. And in the fan realm, who doesn’t want to see stuff like this??? It’s almost silly to see these things walking and flying around at an airport, considering how insanely uptight airports are about everything these days. There’s definitely humor to be found there. This is giving fans new little pieces of Star Wars that they already love and making it a little bit more enjoyable in anticipating the coming of Episode VII.

If you’ve made it down this far, you might as well go a little further down and hit up the comments. There’s tons of great little Star Wars elements all through this video. Did it have you fooled at  all that this was actually real? What was your favorite “Easter egg” in the video? Let me know and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich


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