Star Wars VII: Millennium Falcon Revealed – Abrams & Snyder Love Twitter

JJ Abrams has been embracing the notion that fans want to see everything about this new Star Wars movie before it’s released. They’re protective of it. Star Wars is their baby and fans want to be kept in the loop every step of the way. If you follow the Bad Robot twitter account, Abrams has dropped little nuggets for fans to devour, as some are rather subtle and others are completely blatant. And then there are some that  are just… odd.

Millennium Falcon: “What a hunka junk!”

So how about that!?!? What a strange way to introduce the Millennium Falcon to the Star Wars hungry world. Batman music playing in the background as the camera pans along the body of the ship, then there it is. The tumbler. The Dark Knight series batmobile mounted on the bottom hatch.

bat-falconSo whats the deal with that??? Well if you haven’t been paying much attention, it seems JJ Abrams and Zach Snyder have been trolling each other pretty hardcore over their next big releases; JJ Abrams with Star Wars – Episode VII and Zach Snyder with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The two have been going back and forth with each other, creating interesting cross-over promotion materials that mash-up the content of the two movies. This video is the latest of the trolling saga, but here are some tweets we’ve seen come up recently.

 So it appears the man behind the newest chapter of Star Wars and the man responsible for spring-boarding the Justice League are having quite a bit of fun these days on Twitter. Quite a bit of expensive fun at that. These are all really well-done and detailed pranks, if you can call them pranks. As an avid fan of both Star Wars and Superman/Batman/The Justice League, I’m ok with all of it.

So what did you think of what you saw of the Millennium Falcon? Did you notice the Batman music right away? Which mash-up prank did you like best? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich


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