Steel Panther “Gloryhole” Is the Best Music Video You Will Watch Today

This will be the best music video you watch all day. Steel Panther is a caricature of an 80’s metal band that produces pure gold when it comes to not only their music, but their music videos as well. Learning that their tour would soon be passing through our city, it only made sense to feature their latest video for all to see. Their latest album is also available on iTunes titled, All You Can Eat.


This is their latest video titled Gloryhole. The band is described as THE GREATEST HEAVY METAL BAND EVER! And lists their interests as: Chicks, Boobs, Vagina, Pussy, Blow, Metal, and Alabama Hot Pockets. If you become an instant fan, then you will enjoy their VEVO Channel.

Meet Steel Panther:

Steel panther


I Started singing in kindergarten doing school plays. I also sang to my baby sitter so she would hug me and I could be next to her boobs. As a freshman I moved to L.A. with my mom cause she met this guy who sold drugs and produced a TV show in Hollywood. I Started my first band called “Free Beer”I had to change the name cause people always wanted to drink our beer that we had and that sucked. So I changed the name to “Black Panther,” cause chicks dig cats and black cars. We played keg parties and school talent shows. We came in 10th place in the talent show and that’s when the chicks started coming. Anyway, the keg parties were way cooler cause we got free beer all the time and we could get high on stage, plus we could steal food from the house we played and sleep there too. ( with chicks of course)


I was raised in the entertainment business. My mom was a waitress at one of the first Chuck E. Cheese’s to be built in Fresno, Ca., and my Dad auditioned for the Gong Show twice. Also, my Grandma is from Switzerland, and apparently there is quite a long line of yodelers on her side of the family. I think yodeling is for dicks, but with all the talent in my family, it’s really not surprising that I’m a shredding guitarist.


I’m Lexxi Foxx. The extra “X” is for extra SEX! I like my name because Lexxi rhymes with sexy. And Foxx rhymes with box, which is another name for a Vagina. Vaginas are cool becaue me and the guys stick our penises in them all the time. Michael says that if you put your penis in a dirty vagina, you can catch an SUV like herpes or The Clap. That one makes it burn when you pee. That can also happen if you masturbate with soap and it gets in your penis hole.


Some drummers hit. Some drummers tap. When it comes to drums and hash pipes, nobody hits that shit harder than me. The only tapping I’m doing is when I’m tapping some dirty bitch’s ass in the dressing room. I was raised in Jersey by my grandmother. She lived through the great depression. It must’ve really left an impression on her, cause growing up she never let me leave the dinner table without finishing every scrap of food on my plate. It was always high carb stuff, too. This led to me being morbidly obese by the third grade. I once missed the opportunity to audition for Bon Jovi by being over the weight limit by 230 plus lbs.

By: Pat Hanavan


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