Storm Chaser Accidentally Films Himself Getting Struck by Lightning

Getting struck by lightening is probably not on your daily agenda but it can happen to anyone and sometimes does. As a storm chaser who has most likely witnessed many thunderstorms, you may start to think it will never happen to you… Just like the weather enthusiast Scott Sheppard did.

Obviously not expecting to be struck by lightning, Scott Sheppard got struck while shooting video out the window near Fairburn, South Dakota.

The strike hit his arm and then traveled down to the ground and blew a hole in the pavement. The lightning also disabled his vehicle and a passing car, both of which had to be towed. Scott has a sore arm but is otherwise OK.

Scott somehow survived the strike and has yet to release any news about newfound mental superpowers. For now, fingers crossed. If you or anyone you know gets struck by lightning, please film it and send it over to us.

By: Pat Hanavan


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