T-Rex Sex: How Dinosaurs Celebrated Hump Day

I can’t be the only one who’s ever wondered how dinosaurs got it on.  I’ve seen a picture here and there (thoughtfully left on my Facebook wall by friends) of a hilarious position or two but really got interested in the topic of T-Rex sex after seeing more pictures on Twitter.

Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus Rex? More like Tyrannosaurus SEX! For some reason, I feel that not everyone has Paleontologist Twitter friends like I do. I don’t want anyone to feel left out, so I searched for a lot more pictures of dinosaurs getting down to share with you.


Who would ever google Dinosaur Doggie Style? This girl right here. Man, am I going to have clear out my search history after this goes up!


It’s so funny because dinosaurs were so huge and most had tails that would totally seem to get in the way of, uh, other parts. But if you didn’t know, new scientific evidence has shown that most dinosaurs like stegosaurus and others actually held their tails straight out and didn’t drag them on the ground.  So, while they may have had a hard time raising a tail from the ground to way up in the air, going from half mast to just high enough to be out-of-the-way would have been more do-able.  Hah! Dinosaur sex pun: Do-able!


Well if you are still reading, just imagine the noises these huge creatures would have made during the act! I once heard squirrels mating in my attic crawl space and it was just awful. I am actually glad that dinosaurs aren’t alive and sexing up my neighborhood like these pictures show:

tryanythingceratops birdsex thehumptydance Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs mating dinotoys trex sex2 entwinedtails Trexsex1 stego-sex1 iguanodonsex Mating_Carcharodontosaurus facedowntailup

For a meteoric, or other reason, we know that the dinosaurs died out. Hopefully it wasn’t due to lack of sex.  If you want to talk about more T-Rex Sex, please comment below or Tweet me!


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  1. Amparo F. Mcleod said:

    Unfortunately, that continuity was interrupted abruptly about 65 million years ago when a giant asteroid struck the Earth and wiped out anything weighing more than 25 kg. The age of the dinosaurs ended and the planet’s most successful lovers took their sexual secrets with them.

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