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Archer Is A Guest On Conan And Takes Him To The DANGER ZONE!!!

Archer Is A Guest On Conan And Takes Him To The DANGER ZONE!!!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a pretty massive Archer fan. If you’re not already religiously watching the show week to week, you’ve been missing out and doing yourself a huge disservice. The good news is you’ve just set yourself up to be able to binge watch 5 seasons of pure hilariousness, and

Babymetal: 3 Tiny Teenage Japanese Girls. Brutal Metal Band. Total Mind Warp.

I have to give credit to Alternative Press on this. I have always wanted to write a Babymetal post, but if you know who/what Babymetal is, you might find it really hard to put into words. AP posted something posing the questing, “Why isn’t anyone really talking about Babymetal?” The question is totally legit on a

20 Best Fictional Characters to Party With!

Everyone makes connections with characters in movies, shows, and even cartoons. We find certain qualities where we relate and see a part of us in them. These characters also have specific traits we wish we could have in real life. Who wouldn’t want to fly, do magic, be a superspy, or even fight with light

Archer Season 5: Welcome To ISIS… and the DANGER ZONE!!!

Whether you’re new to the Archer scene or you’re a returning, obsessed, completely addicted veteran like myself, congratulations… you’ve either done yourself a giant favor and have some catch-up to do, or survived your severe Archer withdrawal since the end of Season 4. Season 5 is right around the corner, Monday, January 13 @ 10:00

4th Season of Archer ordered by FX

Archer fans! I have just received word that FX has ordered a 13 episode fourth season of the series! On top of ordering the 4th season, FX has also closed an overall production deal with Archer executive producers Adam Reed  and Matt Thompson along with their Atlanta based animation studio, Floyd County Productions. There is nothing worse than when an