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Paul Spadafora Fox News Interview

Paul Spadafora Fox News Interview

Coming up on the next fight in the Paul Spadafora comeback story, Spadafora wants fans to know “I can’t change the past, I can change my future.” It’s the title of an article released yesterday from FoxNews.com featuring an interview with the 37 year old Pittsburgh native boxer. “My manager and promoter have been working

Paul Spadafora Wins Again at Mountaineer

A lot of people were doubtful about Paul Spadafora going up against a world ranked olympian contender like Solomon Egberime, but, Spadafora came out as the victor once again. The last fight Spadafora had with a strong contender like Egberime was against former WBA champion Leonard Dorin in 2003. That fight resulted in a draw and Spadafora’s personal life seemed

Press Conference at Latitude 40

After months of preparation, we are finally ready for the fights this weekend at Mountaineer Resort, Racetrack & Casino! This Saturday two world ranked contenders lay it all on the line. Not only are we literally witnessing the comeback story of Paul Spadafora happen live, this next match also features the fight of the year rematch

Win tickets to Paul Spadafora Boxing Match!

PAUL SPADAFORA returns to the ring to face EGBERIME this SATURDAY DEC. 1ST AT MOUNTAINEER CASINO. Both current world ranked contenders lay it on the line.  View full event details HERE. To win  free tickets simply follow the steps below! 1. Go to the bottom of this blog entry just below and hit the “Tweet”

Hilarious Knockout!

What may be one of the most memorable entrances in boxing history, Usman ‘Uzzy’ Ahmed was unable to follow through with a win in this bout. In 2011, Ahmed was the subject of this viral video, which appeared to show him flamboyantly entering the ring, only to be knocked out by his opponent in the first

Up Close with Paul Spadafora

PittsburghSportsReport.com sat down with Paul Spadafora and got up close and personal talking about his past and also talking about his upcoming fight on December 1st 2012. After Spadafora’s last victory at the Harv, he promised his fans that he is back for good and he will not let anyone down. In 2005, Spadafora served a 13-month prison