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Charles Ramsey: the Unconventional Hero

Charles Ramsey: the Unconventional Hero

The internet is buzzing today with the news of the three girls from Cleveland who were saved after being held captive for a decade. Charles Ramsey, a neighbor to the house they were held captive in, is being hailed as a hero after his dramatic tale of the rescue of two women in a kidnapping. The

Lace Up Pittsburgh! Here comes MGK!

Again! Yes, it’s true, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) will be in Pittsburgh for at least the second time I know of- at Altar Bar on Monday March 4th! I first heard of MGK from my twitter friend Laura, who is from Cleveland and is a HUGE fan of him. Then one night I saw WildBoy

Hottie of the Week: Kira

Hooray, it’s the weekend; and a hot one at that! Well, here to put your temperature through the roof is Kira: our Hottie of the Week! She is originally from Austin, TX but currently living near Cleveland, OH. I asked Kira our usual Hottie questions and here are her responses. When asked about who would she