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Nathan Fielder Found a Loophole to Sell Alcohol to Minors

Nathan Fielder Found a Loophole to Sell Alcohol to Minors

Many of you have most likely heard of Nathan Fielder by now but I am shocked to see how many people are unaware of his show, Nathan for You. Nathan For You, on Comedy Central, recently premiered its 2nd season and the fans are patiently waiting for the Dumb Starbucks episode. In his show, Nathan

The Best of All the Comedy Central Roasts UNCENSORED!

Every year, I anxiously await finding out who will be this year’s target for the upcoming Comedy Central Roasts. Even if I find myself disappointed in the choice for who should be roasted, I still find those roasts to be hilarious. Except for the James Franco Roast, that one just didn’t do it for me.

How Adam, Blake, and Ders Came to be the Workaholics Guys

YouTube has made a lot of people famous and is responsible for launching many careers. The Workoholics crew is no different than those people other than the fact that their ticket to fame was not due to the luck of a viral video but instead the result of hard work and determination. Hard work and

South Park episode may include LaMarr Woodley

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley tweeted out Monday Night that he will be having a cameo appearance on an episode of South Park this season. The new season of South Park is starting next Wednesday. No details released yet on the plot of the episode. As the first loss of the Pittsburgh Steelers season took