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Holiday Style Tips

Holiday Style Tips

The holiday season has finally arrived, and with it the Christmas parties, family occasions and meetings with old friends typical of this time of year. It’s a wonderful time to kick back and relax, but with so much socializing going on, it’s also a time to show off the best of your fashion sense. Sometimes

Meggings, Muggs, and now Men’s Head Bands

As the foremost expert on what hair styles are attractive on a guy, I can tell you that men’s head bands are making insane. We need to discuss this trend and what to do about it. First, we had to deal with MUGGS; guys wearing Ugg Boots. TURRIBLE, (say it with me) just turrrrible. THEN

Twerk in this: The Macacao as seen on Eva Andressa!

We introduced the Macacao the other day in the Brazilian Yoga Pants post, so if you didn’t check that out, now is the time! Once you are prepped on the definition,  let’s take a closer look at hot babes wearing them including fitness model Eva Andressa! From my many hours spent researching hot girls in

Hot Fitwear You’ve Never Heard of: Brazilian Yoga Pants!

Looking good while being active is definitely something we at Faded Industry can appreciate in a lady. So yes, you read that title right; there is something even hotter than yoga pants: BRAZILIAN YOGA PANTS. I’m pretty much obsessed with this line of workout wear ever since I got to model a set from Dona

White Hot Clubwear for Memorial Day Weekend!

The annual Faded Industry White Party is one of the biggest parties we throw every year. If you’re like me and have been to a few before; you have a closet full of white dresses that you’ve only worn once. There is no way I am going to repeat wearing one of them at this

Costumes for my Faded Monsters!

There are only FIVE days left until October! If you are like me, you are still in mourning that summer will not return for ages. However,  October means Halloween costume parties all month long- and playing dress up always brings a smile to my face! Well, what better way to begin the fall season then by

Pink Party with a Purpose!

“On Wednesdays we wear Pink.” Hmmm, no. I think it should be on EVERYDAYS we wear PINK! So, of course I am beyond excited to announce the hottest party of July: “Pink Party with a Purpose”  happening on Saturday, July 28th at Villa SouthSide! Michele Garris, owner of Chelsea’s of New York is the woman behind the

Angels Couture Show

Once upon a time not so long ago, there was a gathering of Angels who had flown down from the sky. They were called upon to share a gift with YOU. A gift for sexy FASHION, beautiful PHOTOGRAPHY, and the art of DANCE and they were only given one night to do it. Now, on Thursday February 23rd,

Kate Moss in W Magazine

The W in W Magazine must stand for WOW. Somehow I have an unknown subscription to this magazine and have been receiving them for a couple months now…I’m not complaining.  The magazine is incredible, the editorials are dreamy, and the products advertised are way out of my price range, but the images alone would be