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Cheerleaders, the 2nd Best Part of Football Season

Cheerleaders, the 2nd Best Part of Football Season

NFL football is upon us, so this is who we’re rooting for this season. This list includes all teams with cheerleaders. If your team doesn’t have cheerleaders then what are they thinking? The teams without cheerleaders include the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns,

50+ Hottest Cosplays on the Internet

Nothing gets the geeks going like some good old fashion Cosplay. The internet consistently showcases how creative some people truly are. Costume play is simply another of one of the many ways people use express their love for their favorite works of fiction. And the coolest part about this internet trend, the beautiful women who

Maxim Hometown Hotties 2014

Voting is underway for the Maxim 2014 Hometown Hotties contest! The contest features photos, profiles and videos of the most beautiful women from your own hometown. Head over to the contest and check out all of the very beautiful participants. If you see a girl you think is worthy of the crown, click on the red

Major Lazer ft. Bruno Mars, 2chainz, Tyga & Mystic – Bubble Butt

Major Lazer is one of those underground sounds that make mainstream house music and dubstep appearances and you never know it. Their creativity and off the wall ideas are coming to the forefront with the help of stars Bruno Mars, 2chainz & Tyga. Check out the visuals for some serious bubble butts.

Happy Hump Day – Yoga Pants

The middle of the work week is the worst, hopefully this hump day post will get you through the day. There have been many great inventors throughout history, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Alexander Graham Bell or even Gretchen Weiner‘s father, the inventor of the Toaster Strudel. None of their groundbreaking inventions can even compare to