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20 Best Fictional Characters to Party With!

20 Best Fictional Characters to Party With!

Everyone makes connections with characters in movies, shows, and even cartoons. We find certain qualities where we relate and see a part of us in them. These characters also have specific traits we wish we could have in real life. Who wouldn’t want to fly, do magic, be a superspy, or even fight with light

Skyfall Review

Did you see Skyfall last weekend? I did because I like Bond movies in general (ask me about my old-guy crush on Sean Connery) but I was super unexcited about doing so because I thought the preview was boring. Explosion, gunshots, running around, same old, same old.  BUT GUESS WHAT? It was actually AWESOME!!!! No

White Hot Menswear for the White Party!

Hey guys! I didn’t forget about you!!!! You will be needing to wear something clothes related to the 6th Annual Faded White Party too! So, with the help of my GQ-lookin friend @Dubmotion, we found some hot-ass guys in white attire that you menfolk need to model yourselves after. First up is JAMES freakin BOND. Not only