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Watch the Duck – Poppin Off

Music pick of the day comes from Watch the Duck – Poppin Off. Watch the Duck is made up of longtime friends Eddie Smith III, Jesse Rankins and Jonathan Wells were at a crossroads. The trio decided to make drastic changes in their lives, their comfort level, their location and their music. They left the stability

Die Antwoord – Cookie Thumper Official Music Video

Here is another weird video from Die Antwoord. The South African rap-rave group has released their official music video for the track Cookie Thumper. The video is directed by Ninja yet does not feature him. Instead it follows Yo-Landi Vi$$er’s character around as she crushes on the toothless South African gangster. Recently released from prison, this seems

Major Lazer ft. Bruno Mars, 2chainz, Tyga & Mystic – Bubble Butt

Major Lazer is one of those underground sounds that make mainstream house music and dubstep appearances and you never know it. Their creativity and off the wall ideas are coming to the forefront with the help of stars Bruno Mars, 2chainz & Tyga. Check out the visuals for some serious bubble butts.

Basick Sickness Too Far Past Gone

New music video from Pittsburgh friend and artist, Basick Sickness. There are some special elements to this video and a reason we are featuring it. First off, the set of this music video took place in our office at the Premier Innovations Group World Headquarters. (Seriously, that’s what it’s called, check FourSquare.) Next our good

Cam Meekins

In my opinion, this kid does not get the attention he deserves. I caught this video in the midst of the Somebody That I Used to Know craze this last year. Originally I watched this video simply because the main pic was appealing. After watching the video and hearing the song, I instantly fell in

Die Antwoord – Dis Iz Why I’m Hot

Notorious South African rappers Die Antwoord just dropped this new video at the beginning of September for the zef remix of Dis Iz Why I’m Hot. Just about anything Ninja and Yo-Landi perform in is F’n fantastic. If you are just hearing about Die Antwoord, here is a quick bio: Die Antwoord was created as a group in

World Premiere | Klaypex Crazy

The newest video from Klaypex has been released and it was shot and directed by long time friend of Faded, tomlark.in. “I hate tomlark.in with a burning passion. He makes me feel like an insignificant being time after time by constantly picking at me. He really knows how to ruin my day.” -Mark Emmanuel from Klaypex Johnny denied any relationship