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Mermaids are REAL-ly Hot!

Mermaids are REAL-ly Hot!

With the fantastical mermaid “documentary” airing recently on Animal Planet, everyone is all a-twitter over whether they might be real. Well, I did some investigating of my own! Yes, mermaids are Real-ly Hot and I’m not talkin’ Ariel here! Now, usually if you compare the nether regions of a woman to any type of sea-creature, you are going to

From Enchantment to Down: The Disney Princesses’ Alternative Ending

In Photographer Thomas Czarnecki‘s mind, the popular ladies that star in the classic Disney films may have an ill twist in their fate. “From Enchantment to Down” is the photographer’s series where he shows us what “might have” happened. Czarnecki‘s said it’s lights out for the fair ladies including The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty,