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Hottie of the Week: Marie!

Hottie of the Week: Marie!

Happy Wednesday! Can I just say that I love the internet and I love my job??While creepin’ on the internet the other day, saw a picture of a beautiful woman at the annual Sewickly Unleashed event. Upon further creeping, (research!) I discovered that the hottie was none other than the owner of Scrappy’s Closet! If you

Scrappy’s Closet in the NBA?

New release from Scrappy’s Closet, your favorite puppy apparel and accessory line.  The team over at Scrappy’s Closet has come out with the next big trend to hit puppy clothing consumers.    Scrappy’s Closet is releasing their own line of NBA jerseys for your pet!  The new line is set to be released Monday March

Who’s In Scrappy’s Closet?

Probably not who you thought…  Dog lovers this one is for you.  Our good friend Marie Blanchard has released her own line of adorable clothing and accessories for your puppy called Scrappy’s Closet.  I don’t personally own a dog at the time but if I did I think I would probably have to snag something