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Star Wars Is Sexy Volume 2: Boba Fett Cosplay – Endless Babes, Boobs, Bodypaint and Bounties.

Star Wars Is Sexy Volume 2: Boba Fett Cosplay – Endless Babes, Boobs, Bodypaint and Bounties.

Cosplay has become a culture that unifies enthusiasts of all genres on a whole new level. Cosplayers epitomize what it means to be a fan. Why just like something or even love something when you can embody it? Cosplay enthusiasts don’t just want to be whoever it is they have dressed up as, they want to

Cheerleaders, the 2nd Best Part of Football Season

NFL football is upon us, so this is who we’re rooting for this season. This list includes all teams with cheerleaders. If your team doesn’t have cheerleaders then what are they thinking? The teams without cheerleaders include the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns,

40+ Sexy Star Wars Chicks Rock’n some Hot R2-D2 Cosplay

When you think of Star Wars, you probably aren’t throwing the term “sexy” around much with it. Unless of course, you’re talking about Princess Leia in her ridiculously sexy slave bikini. That scenario definitely qualifies as sexy… and then some. When you think about fans of Star Wars (ie. ME), the stigma definitely doesn’t suggest

Hot Fitwear You’ve Never Heard of: Brazilian Yoga Pants!

Looking good while being active is definitely something we at Faded Industry can appreciate in a lady. So yes, you read that title right; there is something even hotter than yoga pants: BRAZILIAN YOGA PANTS. I’m pretty much obsessed with this line of workout wear ever since I got to model a set from Dona

Start Your Day with SexCereal!

Starting a Monday with 4 inches of snow on my car that is so heavy it broke my ice scraper brush- leaving me to scoop the snow off with the scraper part- is never a good beginning to the week. Well, maybe it would have gone better had I eaten a bowl of SEXCEREAL to

Lez be Honest

Ladies, this post is especially for YOU. I hope you all read my last post on honesty, and have been practicing truth-telling to your employers. Now, we move on to the next step: being honest with ourselves. Yes, that includes you and yourself.  If you care about your appearance I am going to assume that you notice the