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Minions The Movie FINALLY Has A Trailer. You Guessed It. It’s Hilarious!!!

This is a bold statement, but the Minions might be the funniest children’s movie animated characters that have ever been created. It truly is the little things. Minions look like the lemonheads candies with eyes, extremities, and overalls on. Their nonsensical language paired with the fact that their natural voices sound like they breathe helium

Star Wars Is Sexy Volume 2: Boba Fett Cosplay – Endless Babes, Boobs, Bodypaint and Bounties.

Cosplay has become a culture that unifies enthusiasts of all genres on a whole new level. Cosplayers epitomize what it means to be a fan. Why just like something or even love something when you can embody it? Cosplay enthusiasts don’t just want to be whoever it is they have dressed up as, they want to

Entire Star Wars Trilogy In 3 Minutes. Heavy Focus On The Garbage Worm.

I’m an avid Star Wars fan. I’m also pretty sure I didn’t really need to tell anyone that. Regardless, I became this way in organic fashion. When I was a young padawan learner, only 3 Star Wars movies existed; 4 if you include The Ewok Adventure, which came out the same year I was born. Regardless, by the

Star Wars VII: Millennium Falcon Revealed – Abrams & Snyder Love Twitter

JJ Abrams has been embracing the notion that fans want to see everything about this new Star Wars movie before it’s released. They’re protective of it. Star Wars is their baby and fans want to be kept in the loop every step of the way. If you follow the Bad Robot twitter account, Abrams has

Sesame Street. Star Wars. Ravenous Cookie Addiction. I Bring You: STAR S’MORES!!!

As a newly made, first-time uncle, I have taken on a new mindset in life regarding things that generally exist around my niece. My niece is a special little person to me. She was born on Star Wars Day and I’m fairly sure she held out to be a week late because I said to her

Action Movie Kid’s 3 Years Of Life Is Better Than All Of Ours Combined

Lets face it… some people just do parenting way better than others. That’s life. This father’s interactions with his son fuels him with creative inspiration and gives him the opportunity to make art out of what most people would leave as ordinary home videos. He’s given his son a chance to be something all young boys

Star Wars VII Leaked Set Footage At Frankfurt Airport AKA Imperial Starport

Since the announcement of the Star Wars acquisition by Disney, the internet has been in a massive rush to churn out convincing content and call it footage from Episode VII. It seemed like in just mere days after the announcement, YouTube had hundreds of videos claiming to be the first trailer for the new Star

Star Wars Does Michael Jackson: R2-D2 And Droids Bust Out “Smooth Criminal”

Michael Jackson died five years ago but his legacy as “the King of Pop” is seemingly untouchable. Tribute after tribute is performed in his name and there has yet to be another performer to grace the world stage and steal the spotlight away from the pop legend. Star Wars is no exception to paying its

Star Wars – Cello Wars: Lightsaber Duels In The Orchestra Pit!

Scenario… Every action and horror film has some sort of music score to go along with what is taking place on screen. It’s what really gets all the senses involved with the scene. What if the orchestra was actually more than just background music for the movie? What if they actually existed within the movies