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Conan Calls Out Colbert over Masturbating Bear Tweet!

Conan Calls Out Colbert over Masturbating Bear Tweet!

“There was a tweet that was sent out last night by Stephen Colbert. And this morning the tweet was brought to my attention.” Conan opened his sketch with. Apparently, Conan feels as if Colbert simply completed something Conan has had on his show for almost two decades… Here is the tweet: Tonight, I made television

This Breaking Bad Tribute Video Will Make You Rewatch Every Episode!

We lie 6 months in the wake of the series finale of what can only be considered, the greatest show in television history – Breaking Bad. Still, after all of the hype, many people have not taken the time to sit down and watch an episode. I’ve always told skeptical friends to just watch the

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Guys!

Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE! It’s all the pink of course. You may not be as happy about the holiday; maybe you are stressed over what to plan for your honey bunny, or are unsure if you got a great gift because of what Pat Hanavan posted (Undead Teds). You might even want to do